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    Welcome to LOZ-Freaks

As the title implies, this is the group for all the Legend of Zelda obsessed fans...

However, as this is a new group, we still need a lot of help from you guys to invite friends - we need members!


    Rules are simple -

:bulletred: No swearing, trolling, abusing, whining, etc. It's very easy to obey that rule. Just be nice, people :)

:bulletred: All deviations have to be Legend of Zelda related. I know that is a very very basic and obvious rule, some people do need to be told...

:bulletred: MATURE CONTENT - We have some strict rules on it. If it needs it, lable it mature content. While we will let off some mild gore and violence, (Link does have to go through a lot of danger, after all) anything overly bloody and gory will not be allowed. As for nudity, do not bother submitting. This group still wants to be child-friendly, after all

:bulletred: Put all your pictures in the right folders. They're all labelled clearly, so there shouldn't be any troubles with figuring out where to put deviations. If your artwork falls under two or more categories, submit to the folder that suits your picture the best.

:bulletred: Art quality - so far, with so little art in our galleries, we are accepting almost any artistic standard. However, any artwork should at least have some time and effort put into it - we wont accept just 2 minute scribbles you did while you were bored in maths (unless it was a particularly skilled scribble). Please think about the quality of the art you are submitting.

:bulletred: Feature Folder - For only the best of artworks - do NOT submit unless your artwork is of the highest standard.

I think that's all for rules so far. If there are any troubles with folders or rules of any sort, comment below and let us know :)

    REMEMBER - We still need more members! Invite friends, help make this group grow!
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Legend of Zelda lovers unite! Express your love of Zelda here.
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Jan 22, 2012


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eee2011 Featured By Owner May 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
here is something i was working on in DA muro…
dammyjodger Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello there, I just joined your wonderful group! I was wondering... is artwork of Original Characters created specifically for the LoZ universe allowed? And if so, where would I submit it, in "Other"?

I understand if you only permit canon. I have some canon art too :3
RiseRedMoon Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
ahh I am so sorry for such a late reply.... To answer your question, if your OC is in a deviation with other canon characters, then that can go in the 'Multiple Characters' folder. If it is a pairing with a canon character, submit into 'Pairings'. Otherwise 'Other' would be just fine :)

Again, sorry for such a delayed response ^^'
dammyjodger Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem, thank you ^__^
Koto-wari Featured By Owner May 6, 2012
Thanks for letting me join~
Just wondering, are cross-overs allowed? ovo
RiseRedMoon Featured By Owner May 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
of course, so long as any character or the theme of Legend of Zelda is in the main part of the artwork :)
Koto-wari Featured By Owner May 10, 2012
Thank you. Just to make sure, if it's Link and another character, should it go in "Link" or "Multiple Characters"?
RiseRedMoon Featured By Owner May 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Multiple characters would be better :) The "Link" folder is usually for deviations with only Link in them (or mainly Link)
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